Apple Iphone 5 Awaited

There are rumors that Apple is going to release Iphone 5 in October. This version of Iphone is awaited for a long period of time. If these rumors are true, then those who are waiting for Iphone 5 will have to wait more till Iphone 5 is released. It has come to the knowledge that the parts of this new Iphone will be put together by Foxconn which is based in China. Keep in mind that no Apple official has validated this news.

The upcoming model of Iphone will include some advancements. The features that will be the part of the new Iphone include enhancements in the photographic options. It is assumed that developers are making it sure that red eye effect is reduced so they are focusing on working of camera in Iphone. To reduce red eye effect, rear camera can be separated from flash. The screen of this new Iphone will also be enhanced probably it will be slightly bigger than the screen in the previous models of Iphone.

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