Dead Heart Implants

Australian doctors transplant ‘dead heart’ into living patient

SYDNEY: Australians doctors have successfully transplanted dead heart in living patient. this is the biggest breakout in a decade. For the first time, patients have received a successful transplant because the donor heart was dead for 20 minutes before it was resuscitated with ground breaking preservation fluid and then transplanted.

Dead Heart Implants

Professor Bob Graham, the executive director of the Victor Chang Institute, led the research team. he said that In this technique, what happens is we have a patient who’s brain is almost completely gone unfortunately, sadly but they still have a little bit of brain function and so they can’t be classified as being dead.

The 57-year-old Sydney woman said prior to the operation, I had not been able to walk 100 metres without trouble, now I walk 3km and climbs 100-120 stairs every day and I am a different person altogether.

In the procedure, the heart is brought back to life and placed in a machine before being injected with a ground-breaking preservation solution developed by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and St Vincent’s Hospital.

The solution reduces the amount of damage to the donor heart, makes it more resilient to transplantation, improves heart function once it starts beating again, and limits damage taken from a lack of oxygen.

Surgeon Kumud Dhital said after the heart had been properly preserved, it only needed “volume” moving through it to restart its movement. Sometimes we have to kick-start it with a little electric shock. The solution took 12 years to perfect.

It is believed the new breakthrough will save the lives of 30 percent more heart transplant patients. Until now, donor hearts have been exclusively retrieved from brain-dead patients whose hearts are still beating. The new technique allows doctors to transplant hearts that have stopped beating, which will greatly increase the pool of donor organs.


Indian Producer reaches Dubai to catch Meera

LAHORE: Producer of Indian film ‘Kay Beray’ has reached Dubai to caught Pakistani controversial actress Meera. Because actress Meera was shooting some scenes in Indian movie “Kay Beray” last year and then she had come to Pakistan without completing her project.


According to the media sources it is reported that Pakistani film star Meera was shooting some scenes in Indian movie “Kay Beray” last year while she had come Pakistan before to complete the work of this movie from which shooting of the movie has not been completed and producer bear loss of millions.

Thus the releasing of this movie also stopped. Indian producer found that Meera is in Dubai and he reached Dubai also. Sources told that he is very busy in the attempts go Meera with him.

It must be remember that Meera has done work in Indian movies but she could not get well response from Pakistani audience. She did her first film in India named “Nazar” which had her as the first actress of Pakistan to be seen in India after a very long gap.

Men Infertility

Age causes infertility in men: Latest research

LOS ANGELES: Infertility and reproduction problems occur in women after specific age. But  latest research revealed that infertility can happen in men too. This research was studied at Reproductive Technology Laboratories in Los Angeles.

Men Infertility

According to researchers at Reproductive Technology Laboratories in Los Angeles who analyzed sperm from 5,081 men between the ages of 16 and 72, sperm quality starts to decrease after 35, which means men have a harder time conceiving and carry an increased risk of miscarriage for their partners.

Previous studies put the age of sperm deterioration at 40. “Whether it’s 35 or 40, the message from this and other papers are that men should be aware of age-related changes in their reproductive system and if they wish to become fathers they shouldn’t leave it too late,” said researcher.

Men’s sperm quality seems to deteriorate after the age of 35. The proportion of sperm carrying an X chromosome also seems to increase, meaning older dads are more likely to have daughters.

The study also found a decrease in the ratio of Y to X-bearing sperm once men hit 55, though it is not clear why. It is remember that in men X and Y chromosomes are present from which men donates X chromosomes to daughter and Y chromosomes donates to son.

Nida Chaudary

Nida and Rida Chaudhry also want to marry with Imran Khan

LAHORE: Many women all over the world exposed their desire to marry with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief and former captain of Pakistan cricket team Imran Khan. Earlier actress Meera showed her desire to marry Imran. After this actress Nida Chaudhry and her sister actress Rida Chaudhry also exposed their desire to get married with Imran.

Nida Chaudary

According to media news it is reported that famous stage actress Nida Chaudhry and her sister stage actress Rida Chaudhry exposed their wishes to marry with Imran Khan. Both sisters also have fought with each other on this issue.

This matter came in front of media when they were fighting with each other in green room of theatre. On this occasion their companion artist advice to stop fight.

“I am a very big fan of Imran Khan, he is noble man, he is elder than me but it’s OK. If he accepts my marriage proposal then I will leave showbiz and we together will work for Pakistani,” said Nida Chaudhry.

Divya Sri

After Shweta Basu, another Indian actress Divya Sri also arrests in prostitution

NEW DELHI: Truth of Indian film industry’s prostitutes has opened, many actresses belongs to Telugu film industry who are involve in this scandals. Recently, actress Shweta Basu was caught in a prostitution scandal, now Divya Sri caught in this crime.

Divya Sri

Telugu actress Divya Sri was also nabbed in a police raid in Guntur. The actress was caught red handed in flesh trade racket. Actor Pawan Kumar along with Divya’s pimp was also arrested.

Investigations are being carried out regarding the gangs involved in the case. Also linkups of the gangs involved in Shweta Basu and Divya Sri’s prostitution scandal has been made.

Reports are that big names from the industry and business men are also majorly involved in the racket. However, there have been no clues revealed as to who these people are.

Is Shweta Basu’s revelation about the prostitution racket being common in the industry has led to these futher raids? Let’s see what happened. But these emerging scandals are surely highlighting the dark side of our Film industry.

German Scientist

There is life after death: German Scientists

BERLIN: A team of German scientists including medical doctors and psychologists belongs to Berlin University ‘Technische Universitat’ had proven by clinical experimentation that there is life after death. This result is based on the conclusions of a study in which patients are allow to be clinically dead for almost 20 minutes before being brought back to life.

German Scientist

This controversial process that was repeated on 944 volunteers over that last four years necessitates a complex mixture of drugs, destined to allow the body to survive the state of clinical death and the reanimation process without damage.

The extremely long duration of the experience was only recently made possible by the development of a new cardiopulmonary recitation (CPR) machine. This type of equipment has already been used over the last few years, to reanimate people who had been dead for somewhere between 40 minutes to an hour.

Most common memories include a feeling of detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of an overwhelming light.

The volunteers counted in their ranks some members are a variety of Christian churches, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and atheists.

Indian Actress

South Indian actress kills husband for forcing her to do vulgar films

MUMBAI: South Indian actresses already faced prostitution cases but now it is reported that another south Indian actress Shruti Chandrakela killed her husband. She said that I did do so because my husband forced me to work in vulgar films.

Indian Actress

According to Indian newspaper it is reported that 22-year-old Shruti Chandraleka, who has few Tamil and Kannada films to her credit, had murdered her husband Peter Prinzo and buried his body in Palayamkottai.

Peter was a businessman and had borrowed money from various sources to start up an e-commerce venture. However, the business didn’t take off well and he ended up suffering huge losses. He was also under threat to repay his loans.

Peter then thought of making porn movies to recover his losses and forced his wife to act in them. His constant pressure forced the actress to take his heinous step. Shruti had initially poisoned her husband before strangling him to death.

Shruti was arrested in Bangalore after being on run for more than eight months. She has also confessed to the crime.

Study burden became cause of University student death

BRADFORD: In Britain city Preston a university student died from asthma after suffering from panic attacks over exams and coursework. This report told her doctor to media after Martha death.

According to source, 21-year-old Martha Sangster was found dead after a severe asthma attack at her student home in Lancaster, where she was studying at the University of Cumbria.

In the months before her death Miss Sangster, who had a history of asthma, had told medics that her impending exams and coursework were giving her anxiety attacks.

She was found on a Monday morning last January after she didn’t turn up for lectures that morning. Tests showed she had hyper inflated lungs, a symptom which suggests she was struggling to breathe at the time of her death.

The inquest in Preston was told Miss Sangster, Bradford, West Yorkshire, had a history of asthma and epilepsy. She had been prescribed epilepsy drugs and had been given two inhalers to deal with her conditions.

Speaking at the inquest, Dr Juliette McGrattan said Miss Sangster told her she had had an ‘odd episode’ on holiday in the U.S. She said that she told me she had been sharing a room and her roommate commented that she had acted strangely. She was lying on her side and not responding properly.

I asked if she thought it was a seizure and she said she didn’t think it was a seizure. She thought it was a panic attack.


Biggest beauty Pageant scandals

NEW YORK: Beauty Pageant is organised for the selection of the world’s most beautiful women. But sometimes these beautiful women face many scandals and even they loss their crown. Some of biggest scandals are as follows.


1. Ashley Harder was forced to step down and return her crown after becoming pregnant. As per the Miss USA rules, they don’t allow contestants who are pregnant or have children to compete for the pageant.

2. Leona Gage, Miss USA 1957 was stripped of her crown one day after winning the contest when her mother-in-law revealed that she was married with two children and that her real age was 18-year-old, not 21-year-old, which was written in her application.

3. The first ever African American Miss America, Vanessa Williams victory was cut short when Penthouse magazine published sleazy photos of the beauty taken several years prior. A humiliated Vanessa was forced to resign.

4. After compromising photos of Katie Rees, Miss Nevada USA 2007 were posted on MySpace, she was forced to return her crown. She found herself in hot water once again in 2008 after an altercation with a cop led to an arrest.

Oxana Fedorova

5. The official reason cited for Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe 2002 dethroning was that she failed to perform duties expected of a Miss Universe. The beauty countered that the many responsibilities required of her interfered with her university studies.

Female News Anchor

Female news anchor appears without ‘Hijab’ on Saudi TV

RIYADH: Female news anchor sparked a controversy when she appeared on Saudi state television without a headscarf and she became the first female newsreader to appear on Saudi state TV without hijab.

Female News Anchor

According to spokesperson of Saudi news channel female news anchor appeared when she was reading a bulletin from London for the Al-Ekhbariya channel.

Strict Islamic dress codes in Saudi Arabia require women to dress usually with headscarves, veils and full-length abayas.

Saleh Al-Mughailif a spokesperson for the channel said that female news reader was reporting from a studio in Britain. However, he promised that all measures would be taken to ensure the public that such incident would not be repeated.

“She was not in a studio inside Saudi Arabia and we do not tolerate any transgression of our values and the country’s systems,” he said, as quoted by Gulf News.

The issue of unveiled women appearing on TV channels is not new, since foreign channels are aired in the Saudi Arabia. However, women who report from within the country are expected to wear a headscarf.