Indian Producer reaches Dubai to catch Meera

LAHORE: Producer of Indian film ‘Kay Beray’ has reached Dubai to caught Pakistani controversial actress Meera. Because actress Meera was shooting some scenes in Indian movie “Kay Beray” last year and then she had come to Pakistan without completing her project. According to the media sources it is reported that Pakistani film star Meera was […]

Age causes infertility in men: Latest research

LOS ANGELES: Infertility and reproduction problems occur in women after specific age. But  latest research revealed that infertility can happen in men too. This research was studied at Reproductive Technology Laboratories in Los Angeles. According to researchers at Reproductive Technology Laboratories in Los Angeles who analyzed sperm from 5,081 men between the ages of 16 […]

Nida and Rida Chaudhry also want to marry with Imran Khan

LAHORE: Many women all over the world exposed their desire to marry with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief and former captain of Pakistan cricket team Imran Khan. Earlier actress Meera showed her desire to marry Imran. After this actress Nida Chaudhry and her sister actress Rida Chaudhry also exposed their desire to get married with Imran. According […]

After Shweta Basu, another Indian actress Divya Sri also arrests in prostitution

NEW DELHI: Truth of Indian film industry’s prostitutes has opened, many actresses belongs to Telugu film industry who are involve in this scandals. Recently, actress Shweta Basu was caught in a prostitution scandal, now Divya Sri caught in this crime. Telugu actress Divya Sri was also nabbed in a police raid in Guntur. The actress […]

There is life after death: German Scientists

BERLIN: A team of German scientists including medical doctors and psychologists belongs to Berlin University ‘Technische Universitat’ had proven by clinical experimentation that there is life after death. This result is based on the conclusions of a study in which patients are allow to be clinically dead for almost 20 minutes before being brought back […]

South Indian actress kills husband for forcing her to do vulgar films

MUMBAI: South Indian actresses already faced prostitution cases but now it is reported that another south Indian actress Shruti Chandrakela killed her husband. She said that I did do so because my husband forced me to work in vulgar films. According to Indian newspaper it is reported that 22-year-old Shruti Chandraleka, who has few Tamil […]

Study burden became cause of University student death

BRADFORD: In Britain city Preston a university student died from asthma after suffering from panic attacks over exams and coursework. This report told her doctor to media after Martha death. According to source, 21-year-old Martha Sangster was found dead after a severe asthma attack at her student home in Lancaster, where she was studying at […]

Biggest beauty Pageant scandals

NEW YORK: Beauty Pageant is organised for the selection of the world’s most beautiful women. But sometimes these beautiful women face many scandals and even they loss their crown. Some of biggest scandals are as follows. 1. Ashley Harder was forced to step down and return her crown after becoming pregnant. As per the Miss […]

Female news anchor appears without ‘Hijab’ on Saudi TV

RIYADH: Female news anchor sparked a controversy when she appeared on Saudi state television without a headscarf and she became the first female newsreader to appear on Saudi state TV without hijab. According to spokesperson of Saudi news channel female news anchor appeared when she was reading a bulletin from London for the Al-Ekhbariya channel. […]

Israel, UK and Russia Spied US President

Daniel Halper, editor of weekly Standard, in his book Clinton, Inc. has exposed sexual stories relating to former US President, Bill Clinton. He describes that secret agencies of many countries were engaged in spying shameful moments of Bill Clinton. Israel, the dearest country to USA, even exploited these vulgar pieces of information as a weapon […]